Alexander Skarsgard In The East Film 2013

Genre: Action | Drama | Mystery

Director: Zal Batmanglij

Writers: Zal Batmanglij (screenplay) | Brit Marling (screenplay)

Stars: Brit Marling | Alexander Skarsgard | Ellen Page

The East is the directorial venture of Zal Batmanglij. Remember his last film Sound of My Voice. It was really a good attempt at creating sci-fi mystery. Yet again, he has come up with the second film of his career which is again a mystery movie (with action this time). Let us disclose in the beginning itself that this movie is really a good one and better slightly than his first.

We have Jane Owen (played by Marling) who is an undercover security agent in the movie. She leaves behind her loving boyfriend (played by Jason Ritter) in order to intrude an eco-terrorist group recognized as The East. This group has publically targeted massive corporations for their cover-up crimes against humans and nature. The East Film Poster 2013 However, Jane gradually grows a fascination towards the group and its morals. She befriends the members of the group as she observes their goals. Also she finds herself falling for their charismatic leader Benji (played by Alexander Skarsgård). She observes with horror and infatuation how The East execute their violent jams on the corporations’ key members.

For starters, the movie is executed well with its controversial theme. The credit also goes to a good writing and good screenplay that offered a good momentum to the entire movie. It allows you to sit for the entire 116 minutes without getting bored anywhere. Also, we have great acts by almost everyone in the movie that adds to the beauty of the movie.

The East is essentially a very entertaining movie for general viewers. It has got the pace to keep you interested throughout. The tension that builds up looks genuine and the proof is that you might hold your breath in many sequences. They do not try to fool the audience based on tricky editing, and appealing sound effects. It is all organic which settles deep inside to make it all look natural.

Despite of so many good qualities The East possesses, there are things that could have been improved. There was no room for proper development of the character to start with. So many things were happening that it did not allow much space. Then, it could have gone into the roots of emotions set deep inside but it touches just the surface. The most underwhelming thing was the climax of the movie.

The overall package of The East is enough to thrill the audience. With certain improvements it could have however reached to a better position. Watch this if you like watching action thrillers with mystery.