Best Horror Movies Of 2015

The genre of Horror Movies has never been a favorite of critics but Ripe Movies have always tried best to focus on the viewers. There are endless fans of horror movies and this one list of Best Horror Movies of 2015 is dedicated specifically to the viewers. No matter how low the movies are rated by the critics, we assure you that we will list the best for you.

1. Crimson Peak (6th April 2015 ) 0.0
Crimson Peak is a horror movie directed by Guillermo del Toro (famous for Pan's Labyrinth, Pacific Rim) who is opting for an entirely new genre for him so far. He himself has written the screenplay along with Matthew Robbins.
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Director: Guillermo del Toro
Writers: Guillermo del Toro (screenplay) | Matthew Robbins (screenplay)
Stars: Charlie Hunnam | Tom Hiddleston | Jessica Chastain

Insidious Chapter 3 2015 2. Insidious Chapter 3 (3rd April 2015 ) 0.0
Insidious Chapter 3 is the third installment of the franchise that has been scheduled to be released in April 2015.
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Director: Not Announced
Writers: Leigh Whannell (screenplay)
Stars: Not Announced

The Pom Pom Massacre Poster 2015 3. The Pom Pom Massacre (13th September 2015 ) 0.0
Zeke Pinheiro marks the second movie of his career as a director with The Pom Pom Massacre. The horror movie is undoubtedly aimed for the gore fans as far as the poster suggests.
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Director: Zeke Pinheiro
Writers: Curtis Andersen (story) | Zeke Pinheiro
Stars: Lochlyn Munro | Nicole Travolta | Shirly Brener

Dark Silence Teaser 2015 4. Dark Silence (24th October 2015 ) 0.0
Dark Silence is a horror movie being directed by Damir Catic (Her Cry: La Llorona Investigation). He himself has written the story and Ron Gelner has written the screenplay.
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Director: Damir Catic
Writers: Damir Catic (story) | Ron Gelner
Stars: Marilyn Burns | Parker Riggs | Everardo Guzman

The Catalyst Movie Poster 2015 5. The Catalyst (1st September 2015 ) 0.0
Alan Fine is making his debut as a director through the horror movie The Catalyst. The movie is being written by himself only.
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Director: Alan Fine
Writers: Alan Fine
Stars: Billy Wirth | Catherine Papile

6. Haunted Ship (24th August 2015 ) 0.0
Haunted Ship is a horror movie directed by Joe Charbanic, the director of The Watcher and In the Shadown of the Moon.
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Director: Joe Charbanic
Writers: Joel Brook, Jack Skyyler
Stars: Grace Huang | Raiden Integra | Laura Pizzuti

Dead End 2015 Poster 7. Dead End (5th October 2015 ) 0.0
Markus James is making his debut as a director through the horror movie Dead End. He himself has written down the screenplay for the movie.
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Director: Markus James
Writers: Markus James
Stars: Debbie Rochon | Felissa Rose | Sonny Shroyer

Take it to the Grave Movie Poster 2015 8. Take it to the Grave (1st January 2015 ) 0.0
Take it to the Grave is a horror movie directed by Branislav R. Tatalovic (Dying 2 Meet U, The End of A. D. 2066, The Bad Guy Speaks etc.)
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Director: Branislav R. Tatalovic
Writers: Robert Graziosi | Brian E. White
Stars: Ben Reed | George Dawe | Darius Devontaye Green

Lazarus Movie Poster 2015 9. Lazarus (30th January 2015 ) 0.0
Lazarus is a horror mystery directed by Thomas J. Churchill starring Natalie Victoria and Ray Capuana.
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Director: Thomas J. Churchill
Writers: Thomas J. Churchill
Stars: Natalie Victoria | Ray Capuana | Kevin Eugene Franklin

Sleeper Movie Poster 2015 10. Sleeper (14th October 2015 ) 0.0
Sleeper is a horror thriller directed and written by Andrew Martin. The movie progresses in the cold darkness of a winter's night as a sleeper train moves from Cornwall to London.
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Director: Andrew Martin
Writers: Andrew Martin
Stars: Not Announced