Best Animated Movies Of 2014

We have come up with the list of best animated movies of 2014. Do you agree ?

The Lego Movie 2014 Poster 1. The Lego Movie (7th February 2014 ) 8.5
Phil Lord and Chris Miller (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, 21 Jump Street) combine their efforts together again to direct much awaited The Lego Movie. Chris McKay is co-directing along with the duo.

Based on a story by Dan Hageman, The Lego Movie is centered on an ordinary LEGO mini-figure who is thought to be an extraordinary builder by mis..... Read More

Director: Phil Lord | Chris Miller
Writers: Dan Hageman (story) | Kevin Hageman (story)
Stars: Chris Pratt | Elizabeth Banks | Will Arnett

How to Train Your Dragon 2 Movie Poster 2. How to Train Your Dragon 2 (20th June 2014 ) 8.5
Dean DeBlois returns as the director for the sequel How to Train Your Dragon 2. The 3d animated movie is based loosely on the book series by Cressida Cowell and serves as the second installment in the trilogy.

How to Train Your Dragon 2 takes place five years after the events of the previous movie. The dragons and the Vikings are united now. Hic..... Read More

Director: Dean DeBlois
Writers: Cressida Cowell (novel) | Dean DeBlois (screenplay)
Stars: Jay Baruchel | Kristen Wiig | America Ferrera

Nightwing in Justice League: War 3. Justice League War (25th June 2014 ) 0.0
Justice League: War is the eighteenth film of the DC Universe Animated Original Movies. The animated movie is an adaptation of the comic book crossover 'The New 52' by Geoff Johns. The storyline will be based on Justice League Vol. 1: Origin.
..... Read More

Director: Jay Oliva
Writers: Heath Corson (adaptation) | Geoff Johns (comic book)
Stars: Michelle Monaghan | Alan Tudyk | Sean Astin

The Boxtrolls Movie Poster 2014 4. The Boxtrolls (26th September 2014 ) 0.0
Directed by Graham Annable and Anthony Stacchi, The Boxtrolls is an animated movie based on a children's novel by Alan Snow titled Here Be Monsters.
..... Read More

Director: Graham Annable | Anthony Stacchi
Writers: Irena Brignull (screenplay) | Adam Pava
Stars: Elle Fanning | Toni Collette | Simon Pegg

The Embryo Who Came in from the Cold Teaser Poster 2014 5. The Embryo Who Came in from the Cold (19th October 2014 ) 0.0
The Embryo Who Came in from the Cold is the second movie of Ganit Orian. The animated adventure centers around 5 IVF that set out on a journey to find their mother.
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Director: Ganit Orian
Writers: Ganit Orian
Stars: Janet Miranda | Ron Kari | James Gill

Big Hero 6 Teaser Still 6. Big Hero 6 (7th November 2014 ) 0.0
Don Hall is directing an animated comedy-action movie based on the comic book by Duncan Rouleau titled as Big Hero 6.
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Director: Don Hall
Writers: Don Hall | Duncan Rouleau (comic)
Stars: Not Announced Yet

Rio 2 2014 Movie Poster 7. Rio 2 (11th April 2014 ) 6.0
Rio 2 is a 3d animated adventure movie serving as a direct sequel to the 2011 hit and is directed by Carlos Saldanha (Ice age trilogy) again.

The movie follows the vents of the previous movie. Blu (Jesse Eisenberg), Jewel (Anne Hathaway) and their three kids are living a perfect life in Rio de Janeiro. Jewel decides that it is about time when t..... Read More

Director: Carlos Saldanha
Writers: Don Rhymer (story) | Carlos Saldanha (story)
Stars: Anne Hathaway | Jesse Eisenberg | Leslie Mann

Muppets Most Wanted Movie Poster 2014 8. Muppets Most Wanted (21st March 2014 ) 6.0
Muppets are back to tickle your ribs in the sequel titled as Muppets Most Wanted directed by James Bobin. This time, The Muppets find themselves wrapped into a European jewel heist caper while on a grand world tour...... Read More

Director: James Bobin
Writers: James Bobin | Nicholas Stoller
Stars: Tom Hiddleston | Salma Hayek | Stanley Tucci

Night of the Living Dead Origins 3D First Teaser Poster 2014 9. Night of the Living Dead Origins 3D (10th October 2014 ) 0.0
Zebediah De Sato is making his debut as a director through the horror movie Night of the Living Dead: Origins 3D. The movie is new take on Romero's original Night of the Living Dead (1968).
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Director: Zebediah De Soto
Writers: Warren Davis II | Zebediah De Soto (screenplay)
Stars: Tony Todd | Tom Sizemore | Madhavan

10. Dwegons (24th January 2014 ) 0.0
Tom Walsh is making his debut in direction with the animated movie Dwegons. He himself has penned down the screenplay of the movie contributing with Adriana Walsh.
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Director: Tom Walsh
Writers: Adriana Walsh (screenplay) | Tom Walsh (screenplay)
Stars: Melissa Leo | Maggie Wheeler | Joey D. Vieira